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Woman alleges sexual assault

Report cites fraternity party as focus of investigation

Published (Volume 79, No. 10)


A Martin woman implicated the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity with providing her with drinks before allegedly being sexually assaulted. UTM Greek Life officials and law enforcement are investigating the incident.

A 19-year-old Martin woman has made a formal complaint of a potential sexual assault as well as alcoholic beverages being given to her while she was attending a party at a fraternity house on Oct. 29, according to a Martin Police Department report.

After being taken to the Volunteer Community Hospital by personal vehicle, the woman was examined and a rape kit was completed. “Capt. Liles and Investigator Walker were notified of this incident and Investigator Walker responded to the emergency room to begin an investigation,” according to the police report.

However, the results of the rape kit could take as long as three months to get back. Martin Police Chief David Moore said that the reason for the delay is because the crime lab at the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations is backlogged.

The woman was driven to 3J’s Food Mart by an “unidentified male” where Sgt. Sliger, of the UTM Police Department, saw that the woman was “extremely upset” and called the MPD on her behalf. After arriving on the scene and talking to the woman, she told police that she “was given a lot of drinks at the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity house and at least one unidentified male had taken sexual advantage of her,” according to the report.

Louis Ragsdale, Director of Greek Life, referred The Pacer to the Interfraternity Council Constitution and Bylaws for potential punishments in regards to this incident.

“Right now, I have no comment because it’s being investigated,” Ragsdale said.

According to Section 8 of the IFC Bylaws, which is concerning sexual abuse, “the chapter will not tolerate any form of sexually abusive behavior on the part of its members, whether physical, mental or emotional. This is to include any actions that are demeaning to another human being including date rape, gang rape or verbal harassment.”

In regards to any punishment the fraternity could face, the criteria from the Judiciary Board on Fraternities Violating Risk Management Policy are as follows:

• First Offense: $250 fine payable to the IFC, 6 school weeks of social probations (i.e. no parties or social functions of any kind)

• Second Offense: $500 fine payable to the IFC and 12 weeks of social probation.

• Third Offense: $500 fine payable to the IFC and 24 school weeks of social probation

In an article from The Jackson Sun, Brad Davis, President of Pi Kappa Alpha, said that the fraternity had no comment until a full police investigation had been completed.

In the same report, Bud Grimes said that the results from the investigation would be the determining factor in regards to if any actions would be taken against the fraternity and that he didn’t “expect student affairs to take any actions at this time.”