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War is hell but it beats annihilation

Published (Volume 75, No. 20)

I have seen more and more antiwar material begin to crop up around campus these past two weeks. I have even seen a few students carrying hastily made pins claiming. “NO WAR!”

We all know this country takes the expression of opinions very seriously, so to those anitwar fanatics out there, more power to you.

However, I have been doing a little more thinking, reading and cruising the Internet and would like to just throw in another opinion in to the pot.

It seems to be a problem with many people that we focus our mind to objectively. We should some times defocus and look at the bigger picture.

All the world’s gaze seems to be turned towards our present situation with Iraq and North Korea. Too much focus seems to have been taken off the terrorists that started this whole mess.

Terrorists have no allegiance to a particular country, so they view our inspectors and UN Resolutions as just a big joke.

These terrorists, that are most certainly still active, will cut through all the red tape that holds countries back and they will act just when we least expect it.

The most likely event would occur with chemical/biological/nuclear agents probably purchased from the worlds aggressors, Iraq or North Korea.

Though such an attack seems unlikely and may just be an extreme scenario, maybe we should just take the initiative and stop the problem before it becomes very serious. Numerous accusations have been thrown towrds Iraq with Al Qaeda, and I see no reason why North Korea could be accused as well.

People scream of lack of evidence, but while we sit around and inspect and talk, the terrorists could act – act with such force that it would make 9/11 look like child’s play.

Though the aformentioned scenario seems very improbable, isn’t that what we said about 9/11, Oklahoma City, and Pear Harbor? If we go in and mop up the hostile dictators of this age we could prevent an attack before one happens in our own back yard.

War may be hell, but it sure beats complete annihilation. So maybe a war is neccesary in order to take care of the “what ifs.”

This does not neccesarily express my own opinion, but I feel it could be a quite feasible prowar opinion.

Kit Crawford is a sophomore history and philosophy major from Chapel Hill.