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Visitor angered, arrested

Published (Volume 76, No. 25)

A campus visitor was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct after an incident with a skateboard.

On Wednesday, March 10, Christopher Bynum, 18, of Martin was observed skateboarding down the stairs and sidewalks behind the UC. The Department of Public Safety received a phone call about Bynum skateboarding in this area.

Officer Bryan Chandler and Officer Jerry Garcia responded to the call. The responding officers asked Bynum to cease and desist from skating.

“When the officers walked away, Bynum picked up the skateboard and threw it twice in a violent manner ,” said Lt. Ray Coleman. 

Coleman added that faculty and students were in the area in which the skateboard had been thrown.

Coleman said the subject then picked the skateboard back up and held it over his head in a threatening manner as officers approached him.

“The officers asked Bynum to put the skateboard down. When he refused to do so, one of the officers pulled out the collapsible baton. Bynum then dropped the skateboard,” Coleman said.

Bynum was then taken to the ground and arrested. He will be referred to Weakley County General Sessions Court.

Chief Rick Hatler said that most people comply in a peaceful manner when they are asked to stop skating on campus.

Coleman and Hatler explained that there is a new policy in regard to skateboarding and in-line skates on campus that was approved by the chancellor’s staff.

“We have been advising people on what this policy is and asking for their compliance,” Hatler said.

Among other items, the new policy prohibits skateboards and in-line skates on the property of UTM by people who are not current students, faculty or staff.

The policy also states specific regulations for those who are able to skate on campus.