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UTM, Murray St. partner in research

Published (Volume 78, No. 20)

The UTM and Murray State University chapters of Sigma Xi, the scientific research society, hosted a joint symposium on Feb. 25, 2006 on the MSU campus to share work on practical and foundational advances.

“The talks are diverse, with topics ranging from math, geosciences, engineering, agriculture, nursing, biology, psychology and physics. The purpose of these meetings is to allow time for us to learn what our colleagues are working on both at our own campus and also at other peer campuses,” said Jill Kruper, president of the MSU chapter.

Some of the lectures included: “Applications of the Microchannel Plate in Accelerator Mass Spectrometry,” “Evolutionary Ecology of Life History Variation in Tiger Salamanders,” and “Notes on the Villainy of a Graph.”

Drs. Sarah Holliday, Misganaw Getaneh, Paula Gale, J. McClure, Louis Kolitsch, Ann Gathers, Michelle Rankin, Tim Burcham and Tracey Sullivan, all from UTM, made presentations ranging from residual stress in carbonized gears to changes in children’s brain waves when they receive facial stimulation.

According to their Web site, Sigma XI has over 500 chapters and more than 65,000 members. 200 of their members have won the Nobel Prize.