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UTM: Don't become the next Paris, Tenn.

Published (Volume 75, No. 8)

As we get closer and closer to Nov. 5, we as students need to keep in mind that there are several pressing issues that could mean a great deal to UTM.

Of these, the one that I have chosen is restaraunt reform.
Last night I heard a mayoral candidate say that when restaurants compare Martin to Union City, as a place to locate, they would choose Union City because of its traffic ratio and things of that nature.

They are wrong.

I am from Paris, Tenn. For years I remember similar restaurant reform votes taking place at election time and every time it was turned down.

Until 2000. In the 2000 election it finally passed. One thing, though, it also passed in Murray, Ky. – home of Murray State and 20 minutes away from Paris.

Every business that had given thought to Paris suddenly changed its mind. For some reason they liked the 18-25 demographic of a college town (Murray) as opposed to the 65+ demographic of a retirement community (Paris).

Paris waited too long. Because it let Murray catch up with it, Paris lost out. So, on Nov. 5, just remember – don’t become Paris!