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There’s a new Mr. AKA

Published (Volume 78, No. 6)

The ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha were shinning on Thursday when they held their annual Mr. AKA Pagent.

If it wasn’t the fact that for a couple of dollars you could spend an hour looking at some of the highest quaility men on this campus that brought you there, then it was that your money will go back to the community. Each contestant brought their own charm and personality to the contest, giving all the judges a hard decision to make.

There were six participants competing for the Mr. AKA crown. The contestants were Louis Cole, Larry Daniel, Lorenzen Lucas, Brian Walker, Jay Williamson, and Jared Newson. Of course there was your usual competitions such as campus wear (casual) and strictly business (evening wear), but a new competition added was “Bedtime” were the contestants showed off their nightwear.

The contestants not only showed off their looks but also had to show their personality. The contestants were asked questions about the AIDS epidemic and opinion on the war in Iraq. Some questions though weren’t as hard hitting such as “What is your favorite sorority on campus?”

“I think that it was very exciting and suprising, It was very unpredictable!” said Marqueta Abraham,  a senior Biology major fromMemphis who atteneded the pagent Thursday Night. Even though Jay Williamson was crowned, all the contestants showed traits of a great Mr. AKA. Second place, Mr. Pink and Green, went to Brian Walker. Third place, Mr. Ivy, went to Lorenzen Lucas who seemed to be the crowd pleaser. Mr. AKAtude and Mr. Congeniality went to Jared Newson.

“I had lots of fun and it really turned out great. I would definitely do it again” said Jay Williamson, Mr. AKA. All of the proceeds will go to projects and events involving the community.

“This is our first event this semester and we trying to make it the best we can” said Melissa Hayes, a member of AKA.