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Student upset over column about “training” boyfriends

Letter to the Editor

Published (Volume 76, No. 30)

Dear Editor:

Attention men: Learn to walk all over your girlfriend in 10 easy steps.

Now if I wrote a column like that both male and female readers would jump all over me. I’d be labeled a sexist pig before anyone read past the first sentence.

Yet last week a column titled “Attention lades: Train your beau in 10 simple steps” ran in the Pacer.

The column, written by a female, advised women to “kennel the jackass if he misbehaves.” The author goes on to say that “some guys just can’t be trained” and women should “consider finding a new one” if this situation arises.

The author portrayed men as second-class citizens who were put on earth for the sole purpose of serving their girlfriend’s every need.

For a second the wording of the column had me convinced that the author was talking about dogs rather than human beings.

Men don’t write columns to other men explaining methods of “training” their girlfriends.

Women should return the favor and start viewing men as human beings, not as some animal that can be forced into submission.

A woman that treats males with common courtesy is a lot more attractive than one that doesn’t.

I’m not trying to preach anti-feminism and I’m not condoning men who mistreat women.

Men aren’t perfect, but I will stand up for the rights of the male sex just the same. I would expect women to do the same if their gender was insulted like this.

If saying this makes me an anti-feminist, then so be it.

Jason Bohanan is a freshman Communications major from Fairview.