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Student claims some men deserve to be treated like dogs

Published (Volume 76, No. 31)

I am responding to the article informing women how to train their boyfriends. In this article men were referred to as dogs. Guys, the majority of you act like dogs in the first place. You treat women like we are good for nothing, we have no feelings and that we are only there to be your sex toy.

I know that there are the few of you that are “good” guys. This very few have respect for people, whether they are women or men. Sorry, guys, but your fellow men ruined it. I think the article was very appropriate. The author should not be sorry, or have to apologize.

Finally, a woman was able to stand up for herself and for women. If the only way to get her point across was to write a comical article like this, it should be done.

Men, a lot of you thought that it was degrading, and very rude. There is no reason that should have been thought, because the majority of the male species degrades women and insults them, you shouldn’t feel to hurt unless you don’t like getting treated the way you treat people.

As it was said in a letter last week, “Women should return the favor and start viewing men as human beings…” No. Most men don’t treat women with respect, so what kind of favor are you looking for. Most of you go around expecting to get laid. I’m sorry, but most women don’t want to just get laid, they are better than that. That article insulted a few of you, maybe because you have respect, maybe because you knew that you deserved it.

Until you quit acting like dogs, you will continue to be referred to as dogs.

Rachael Tate is a freshman from McEwen.