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SGA discusses rec center, chancellor search

Published (Volume 79, No. Than)

SGA President James Orr invited the occupants of last Thursday night’s SGA Senate meeting to ask him any questions that they had, which was very beneficial to the overcrowded audience of Senate members and visitors.

Among the top priority questions was Orr’s view of the new recreation center that was recently approved by the Board of Trustees.

“I’m very excited about it [recreational center],” said Orr. “I think that it will be very beneficial.”

Orr said that the recreational center will provide a lot to the UTM campus, including more time for athletic teams to practice and the enjoyment of all the athletic opportunities it will offer students. Orr also said that the new recreational center will allow more physical activity classes to be offered.

University Center Director Steve Vantrease also added that if the new recreational center will be open to the public, it will be for rental purposes only.

In response to a question about the student’s role in the search for the new chancellor, Orr said that once there are applicants, forums will most likely be held.

“I think we are going to get another good chancellor,” said Orr.
Once the five-minute question opportunity had ended, Vantrease complimented SGA on what they have done thus far this semester.

“It’s been a very good fall,” said Vantrease. “You’ve done a good job.”

In other news, a committee has been formed for the Search and Selection of a Coordinator for Student Organizations. This committee consists of David Belote, Student Life & Committee Chairperson; Eric Pelren, Faculty Representative & Wildlife Society adviser; Louis Ragsdale, Student Life/Greek Life; Steve Vantrease, Student Affairs, a student organization adviser; James Orr, SGA President, or his designee from the executive council; Teresa Woody, Minority Affairs and the minority representative on the committee; George Daniel, Student Success Center and student organization adviser; Gina McClure, staff female representative; SAC Executive Chair or his designee; Marqueta Abraham, current Black Student Association President.

Interim Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Jerald Ogg said that there are two possible candidates at this time. The university should know by the end of the semester who the Coordinator for Student Organizations will be unless the deadline is extended due to more applicants applying for the position.

Erin Smith informed the SGA Senate that the High School Leadership Conference will be held February 22-24. She also said that she will need help from every Senate member to make this a successful event to help high school students make a smooth transition to college. Smith estimated that 130 students will attend this event, where Bill Cordez will be the keynote speaker. Cordez is the author of The YOGOWYPI Factor, and has co-authored Teen Power Too, Teen Empower, Teen Power through Christ, Teen Power and Beyond and Lead Now or Step Aside. For more information on the keynote speaker, go to www.billcordez.com. All registration will be online from December 1 to February 1.

Multicultural Affairs Chair Maria Costa said that they will try to re-update the flags around the UC. Some flags of students that were represented have already graduated and there are some new students on campus, in which their country’s flag is not present in the UC.

In other business, Senator Ben Stoer was impeached for exceeding the amount of allowed absences and it was announced that Captain Ray Coleman will be having a Parking Analysis at 2 p.m. on November 28 in Crisp Hall.