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SGA convenes first meeting, selects chairs

Director of Alumni Affairs speaks to SGA about Homecoming 04’

Published (Volume 76, No. 31)

The newly elected officers of SGA convened their first meeting in the Senate chambers on Thursday night. Appointments were made for committee chairs, executive assistants and student court.

Director of Alumni Affairs, Charlie Deal, spoke to SGA about the Homecoming activities for the fall. Deal said that the goal this year was to get at least 500 alumni back to Martin. Deal also announced the Homecoming theme, which is “Streaking Back to Martin, back to the 70’s.”

Deal said that one of the most memorable events from the 70’s was when people would streak through campus. The card that Deal passed around to Senate that advertised the Homecoming activities even had two pictures from the streaking event. Homecoming for this year is set for Oct. 9.

The committee chairs for this year were approved with only one senator voting nay. Rachel Albritton was appointed as chairmen of academic affairs. Kevin Anderson was appointed as chairmen of campus observation. Rachel Mansfield was appointed as chairmen of communications. James Orr was appointed as chairmen of minority affairs and Landon Loveall was appointed as chairmen of the procedures committee.

Nikki Cunningham was appointed as President Dusty Dean’s assistant. Pamela Bartholomew will be the assistant of Vice President Liz Krieg and Joseph Pierce will be the assistant to Secretary General Okwede Okoh.

Student court appointments were also made. Beau Pemberton was appointed as Chief Justice. Jacob Crouch was appointed as Attorney General. David Stokes was appointed as Student Defender and Marqueta Abraham was appointed as the Elections Commissioner.

President Dean says that the SGA will have a planning session in Martin this Saturday and Sunday. Dean says that they will be discussing who would be on a constitutional review committee, plan for freshmen interaction in the fall and bringing all club and organization presidents together for a round table.