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Senior art exhibit evokes wide variety of emotions

Published (Volume 75, No. 28)

As the time for graduation arrives, four art majors present their final art show for the campus.

James Kelley, a Graphic Design major, shows great talent throughout his pieces.

Key, a digital image, shows great colors and graphics. Several circles in the corners of the piece and in the center are what appears to be a key of some sort inserted into a hole.

Kelley also displayed a few pieces other than graphic design. The Parrot, a piece done in ink and paper, was a remarkable piece. The piece showed a drawing a parrot, but within the parrot there were numerous drawings of other animals.

Ji-Young Oh, an Art major, displayed many paintings and drawings in the exhibit. In Apt. 16, an acrylic painting, the piece was very somber. The piece was of an empty apartment. The door is open showing you the landscape of the outside with the sky dark.

A Cactus in Pain portrayed agony and hurt. The piece showed a cactus in the center of the piece with rope of some sort binding it. The limbs of the cactus were all either stretched or bounded by the rope.

Leann Gregory included a few ceramic and sculpture pieces in her exhibit. In one of her sculpture pieces, Full Circle, the piece was of a free standing wind chime. Although no one is allowed to touch any of the art pieces, if you blow on them you can hear the chimes.

In an acrylic painting Elemental, she painted six of the same object. Each one was different in its own way, but still held onto the unity.

Packing Up and Moving On showed a large overview of a box with an assortment of items in it. The top portion of the painting shows four panels, each with a different angle of the large picture.

Matt Riley, a Graphic Design major, included several advertisements and prints in his exhibit.
One to look at is his 3D collection. The three D’s are “Don’t Drink and Drive.” In one of his 3D prints, a jail cell is pictured. The text around the picture states: “Wanna live here? Keep it up and you will… don’t drink and drive.”

Riley also shows great talent in digital photography and Photoshop. He displayed many landscape pieces that were done remarkably well.

“When I was just a child, I can remember sitting around and drawing for hours at a time just trying to make each piece a little better. I guess that is the reason why I chose to get into Graphic Design when I came to college,” stated Riley on his artist statement.

The exhibit will be open in the Fine Arts gallery until April 23. A variety from the Art department is on display, from paintings to graphic design illustrations.