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Senate to investigate university’s UC renovation plans

Published (Volume 78, No. 20)

Credit: University Center

A tentative design for renovating the first floor of the UC has some SGA senators in arms over a reduction in student space. The plan would integrate a technology center on the first floor.

Credit: University Center

The SGA Senate heard the prospective plans for a mergence between the food court and the game room in an attempt to provide a new location for a Tech Center.

UC Assistant Director John Abel came to the SGA meeting on Wednesday night to explain the changes that would be made to provide this location, as well as to gain SGA’s approval for this project.

Abel also said that if this project were to take place, the Market would be relocated to the current computer store location. The Market is proposed to have a café setting.

A sports bar look will be given to the game room, with a pool table, ping-pong table, televisions and bar stools to be among its occupancy. The food court will have a variety of food stations where students can enjoy their meals.

Abel stressed that this project is “not a done deal,” and that they are looking for students’ insight on the project.

In other news, SGA President James Orr informed committees that they must produce a piece of legislation no later than March 1. If no legislation is presented by that date, all members of that committee will be charged with an absence.

David Taylor, SAC representative, presented a list of activities that will be taking place at, including a table tennis tournament and Alcohol Awareness Week in March.

Julie Hood also presented knowledge of a LeBonheur Dance-a-Thon that will take place on March 24. At this event, food and games will be provided and participants will also learn how to do a variety of dances. Participants are expected to get sponsors for their participation in the event. All benefits will go to support LeBonheur Children’s Hospital. The entry fee is $25.

Proposed action:
Merge the game room and the food court into one general area, making the game room a “Technology Central.”

What it means for you:
Assistant Director of the UC John Abel explained that a decision
was made approximately one year ago to merge the computer
store and the print shop together to create a Tech Center.

The present game room looked to be the ideal location for this
Tech Center.

A layout design of the possible food court-game room shows the
food court with various eating stations, as well as a game room
that will have an appearance similar to that of a sports bar.

The new design calls for 400 sq. ft. of student space to be lost.
There will also be a decrease in the number of seats in the food
court area. The food court currently has 130 seats available. The
new design only calls for 100 seats.

Abel was told by Al Hooten that students would not have to pay for
this remodeling.

“I like the idea of doing it [merging the food court-game room],” Campus Observation Chair David Taylor said. “You are getting something new,” John Abel said.

“I don’t see the necessity in doing
this,” Senator Chris Engelman said about the shuffling of room locations and the money to be spent on their relocations.

It was decided that more information was needed before the SGA Senate could vote on the approval of this matter.

A unanimous vote concluded that a five-member ad hoc committee be formed, and the chairperson report back at the next meeting with more information concerning the project.

As a result to free this location, design plans have been constructed to combine the food court and game room.

Chris Cherry, chair
Amelia Kosta
Emree Serbest
Lacee North
Carrie White