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“Schmo Knows”

Published (Volume 75, No. 8)

“When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for the Schmoman to predict collegiate games around the land, it shall be so.”

You see, even Thomas Jefferson knew I was destined for sports writing greatness.

Okay, I made that up.

The college football scene is a mess nationally. Top 25 teams have been getting knocked off like mobsters in the end of a Godfather movie.

But rest assured, judging by the schedule this weekend, it shouldn’t happen.

No. 1 Miami will take on No. 12 Florida State. I hope the Seminoles have hurricane insurance, because the ’Canes are going to run right over FSU. Miami

No. 3 Oklahoma will take on No. 2 Texas. The Sooners are looking to run for the title, The Longhorns quarterback comes from the genes of one of NFL’s greatest QB’s in big game situations. Simms Jr. has it in his blood and will ward off the Sooner surge. Texas

No. 6 Georgia will face No. 9 Tennessee. The overranked Volunteers will find out just how bad the Bulldogs are. Healthy Casey Clausen or not. Georgia

No. 10 Michigan takes on the No. 17 Penn State. The Lions have their work cut out for them, but Michigan’s early season loss to Notre Dame is way behind them. The Wolverines will run rampant. Michigan

No. 7 Oregon faces No. 25 UCLA. The Ducks will prove again this season that they can play with the big dogs, the Bruins will show they have the secret to exiting the top 25. Oregon

No. 15 Louisiana State takes on No. 16 Florida. LSU in the swamp or no will have a tough time with the Gators, but Tennessee fans will have something to be glad of, the Tigers will show Florida the door. LSU

In other games: No. 8 Notre Dame over Pittsburgh, No. 11 North Carolina State over North Carolina, No. 22 Wisconsin over Indiana, No. 5 Ohio State over San Jose State, Arkansas over No. 21 Auburn, No. 23 Kansas State over Oklahoma State, No. 18 Washington over Arizona, No. 13 Washington State over Stanford, No. 24 Southern California over California, No. 14 Iowa State over Texas Tech, and No. 19 Air Force over BYU.

In OVC action:

Tennessee State goes on the road for a loss to Alabama A&M.
Eastern Kentucky travels to Eastern Illinois to lay the smack down.

Tennessee Tech will be unbothered by the hooligan Murray State fans as they route the ponies.

Southeast Missouri State comes into town as homecoming bait for the UTM Skyhawks. I have my hopes on this one, but SEMO will probably prove just too strong.

Well, those are my picks for this week. Be sure to call your bookie and place the wagers soon, before everyone else reads my profound pigskin prognostications.

The food will be warm, the drinks cold, and the weather? Well, let’s just say my game prediction isn’t the only thing I’m hoping will be proved wrong.

Well, until next time, this is the Schmoman signing out saying, “I know I am probably the smartest man alive. I just don’t like to show up everybody all the time.

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