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'Schmo Knows'

Published (Volume 76, No. 25)

Back and ready to rant about sports again this week. It should be a good one, so here goes.

Barry Bonds injured his back in batting practice this week. Apparently he was trying to mix a new bottle of super ’roids with a bottle of masking agent and threw out his back. Man, those pesky drug tests just keep getting in the way, don’t they?

In the NHL, a fight broke out at a hockey game (no surprise) and a player had his neck broken. You think it may be time for the NHL to crack down on fighting? I mean, come on, people. I know it is supposed to be a brutal sport and that fighting has been a mainstay of the sport over the decades, but a curb needs to be put on it.

Sorry to all you hockey fans who see that as good clean fun, but when people are injured for life because of a cheap shot, that is inexcuseable.

In the wonderful world of the judiciary system (which with as many athletes have gone through lately, it might as well be a sport) Martha Stewart was found guilty this past weekend. What does this have to do with sports? Stay tuned, because she may have a show dedicated to sprucing up prison basketball uniforms and jail cells. Pay attention, Kobe Bryant and Jayson Williams. Your prison comfort may depend on it.

Moving on. Congratulations to Dr. Dan and his beloved Fighting Illini for winning the Big Ten. Is Illinois a contender in the big dance? Well, many teams mirror the Illini in the fact that they seem to be inconsistent game in and game out. Hard for me to say.

Though I happen to be gripped with March Madness like the rest of the country, I still think the tournament is too wide open to call. I really don’t see a hands down favorite this year on the men’s side.

For all you Tennessee fans, fret not. Your Lady Vols will surely choke and live up to the “Volunteer Tradition” of blowing big games.

Well that about wraps it up for this week. I hope you all enjoyed Amy’s column last week. Gotta give her credit, she helps out a bunch here. Besides obsessing over athletes, she also designs the pages. Thanks, Amy.