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SAE brothers send out thanks

Published (Volume 75, No. 20)

The Brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon would like to extend our deepest gratitude for the overwhelming support to Alyssa Ray. The warmest of wishes go to Alyssa and her family.
Together, the Greeks, students, faculty, staff and the entire community of Martin helped raise $1100 from the “Steak Dinner”.
The brothers’ hope that the fire for Alyssa’s cause will continue to burn bright here at the University of Tennessee of Martin.
As one, we can all inspire Alyssa’s quest for happiness. To give her those undiscovered beginnings in life, the ones we all often take for granted at times, will be a stepping stone to that precious new day.
Alyssa, enriching every walk of life, with the light in which the Martin community was willing to share. Alyssa holds a special place in our hearts for Alyssa.
We all won “Greek Week” because we embraced the future of Alyssa with such tenderness and strength.
Let us not forget this past week, for this foundation we have begun to build upon, will stand the dreams of many.
Please keep Alyssa close to your heart and in your prayers. Contact Sigma Alpha Epsilon at 587-9117 for information or suggestions.

The Brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon
TN Tau Chapter