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SAC to attempt second time for Springfest

Published (Volume 76, No. 31)

The gloomy and rainy weather put a halt to SAC’s Springfest last Friday. But that’s not stopping them from trying again this week.
Although the rain cancelled most of the Springfest events, it still didn’t stop students and a few locals from coming out later that night to see the movie The Butterfly Effect in the Watkins auditorium.

“It was actually a good turn out,” said Chris Stanback, a sophomore Communications major from Memphis. “The movie really made me think about the decisions that I have made in my life. It made me ask myself ‘what if?’”

The Springfest’s events will kick off at 11 a.m. at the Pacer Pond.

The events include paintball, giant twister, wax hands & candle creations, the ultimate burger competition, pizza and pie-eating contests, and a bikini and swimsuit contest. Sodexho will provide all of the food.

To enter the contests, contact Shenna at 8544.