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Running down the aisle, running away from sex talk

Published (Volume 78, No. 20)

With all the talk about $22,000 weddings and Sex Week, I felt the need to put my two cents in about relationships.

Aren’t we rushing into things a little too fast? I can’t decide what I want for supper, much less who I want to spend the rest of my life with.

I think that people our age should wait until at least mid to late 20’s before getting married. Must I quote the statistic on divorce rates that we’ve heard a thousand times?

When people wait until they’re older, they should have a secure job, know what they want in their life and can discuss these plans with their future spouse.

Seriously, $22,000? Has anyone heard of a blue jeans and the justice of the peace? Fifty bucks at the most.

With Sex Week, I can see where Yale is coming from. Most young adults in today’s society learn about sex through the media or their friends. Was I the only one that ran when my mom gave me the sex talk?

Putting an open sexual panel in an academic setting fosters intelligent discussion about sexual issues facing today’s society.

Come on, which would you rather hear your future 15 year old daughter say? “Mom, I think I need to go on birth control pills,” or “Mom, I think I’m 3 months pregnant?”

Sex is such a taboo subject for some people when it’s a natural part of life. People, live, breathe, have sex and then die. For some strange reason, I’m hearing The Lion King’s “The Circle of Life.”

I’m sure someone made a sex toy joke or a Playboy joke, but I hope that most people were intelligent. I will admit that the original headline for that story was MUCH better and funnier that the one that’s going to print.

Sex is natural, and it should become natural for us to talk about. Don’t be scared of sex, and quit being eager for marriage.