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Powerful Pyramid performances provides plenty of Homecoming fun

Homecoming 2006

Published (Volume 79, No. 9)

Credit: LAURA BETH GRIFFIN / The Pacer
Credit: LAURA BETH GRIFFIN / The Pacer

The 2006 Pyramid competition that took place on Friday in the Elam Center was jam-packed with excellent routines that were full of energy.

The first place winners were Chi Omega in the sorority division and Sigma Alpha Epsilon in the fraternity division.

Following in second place were Alpha Delta Pi and Alpha Tau Omega. Best of Show went to Chi Omega and Alpha Tau Omega.

Pyramid takes place every year during UTM’s Homecoming festivities. The competition consists of a 4-5 minute routine which includes dance, a cheer and three pyramids or stunts.

Mona Beale, a UTM alumnus, has seen Pyramid the past four years and said that this year has been her favorite.

“All the routines were fun and exciting to watch. All the sororities and fraternities were really good, and it was definitely a close competition,” said Beale.

The brothers of Alpha Gamma Rho began the competition in tuxedo shirts and black pants. They used sunglasses and chains as props that went along with their songs in their performance.

The brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha wore white polo shirts and blue jeans. They built a double pyramid and threw two back tuck basket tosses. They also used sunglasses as a prop during their performance.

The brothers of Alpha Tau Omega performed to a mix of new and old songs and were dressed in torn clothes and painted like zombies. They built a double pyramid and danced to Michael Jackson’s song, “Beat It.”

The brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon have not been in this competition since 2003. Their clean sharp routine in purple stitch letter t-shirts won them the first place trophy.

The brothers of Kappa Alpha Order dressed in white shirts with black ties and pants to represent the movie, “Men in Black.” To end their routine they fell to the floor and spelled out “KA” with their bodies.

The brothers of Sigma Chi wore blue stitch letter t-shirts and wind pants. Senior Brent Smoyer showed off his tumbling skills in their “Napoleon Dynamite”-inspired routine.

The brothers of Sig Ep dressed in black and wore white masks. White ribbons hung from their wrists and added movement to their dances.

In the sorority division, the sisters of Alpha Delta Pi wore 80s-inspired uniforms with hot pink trim. They began their routine with a heel stretch that rotated in a circle.

The sisters of Alpha Omicron Pi wore black uniforms with white waistbands and blue and orange letters. During their cheer they lead the crowd while holding up signs.

The sisters of Chi Omega wore black uniforms with gold trim and letters. During their cheer they spelled “Skyhawks,” as each letter was shouted, a member did a back hand spring. This is their 4th year to win Pyramid and Best of Show.

The sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha wore black uniforms with rhinestones. They danced to 80s music as the crowd sang along to many of the songs.