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Parking still a hot topic, more lots could equal less lawn-mowing

Published (Volume 76, No. 31)

How many times have you got a parking ticket?

If this applies to you then you are probably thinking the same thing that all students are or have been angry at one time or another.

Several students I have talked to share this same opinion with me and had some good suggestions to the parking situation at UTM.

I learned that the situation with the parking was an opinion that many of the students felt and that I was not the only one that had an issue about it.

One classmate said that if there was not wasted space that had to be mowed constantly that the situation would be resolved very quickly.

I feel that the parking problem is a never-ending battle that will probably never be solved until several people really push the issue to the fullest. 

I know that the tickets that I have received along with other students is most of the time just a waste of money. How many students do you know that constantly complain about the parking?

I know since just last semester that the complaints about getting parking tickets on campus has become a real aggravation for many students.

I know that decisions about the parking on campus is a touchy subject, but if the rate of complaints escalates anymore it is going to have to be a consideration for the campus to take some action in fixing the problem.

Lindsey Reid is a junior Communications major from Union City.