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Parking at UTM is a nightmare

Published (Volume 75, No. 20)

Many of my peers and I would like to voice an opinion about what we consider a problem at UTM. The problem is with Public Safety and Traffic Office giving tickets.

Why is parking for students at the back of every parking lot?

I recently got a ticket from public safety, when called to talk to an officer he wasn’t receptive to my opinion. He told me, in so many words, that my ticket was one of “75 tickets that were given out in that one parking lot on that one day and I should get over it.”

So, that would mean that $750 was made in one day, in one parking lot. This sounds like someone is trying to meet quota.

I also asked him why faculty and staff could park in the commuter student’s parking spots and not get tickets. He said “Faculty and staff have authority to park in any legal parking spot that they want.”

What I don’t understand is why can faculty and staff park in any spot that they would like when everyone has to pay the same $27 for our parking sticker?

The parking for UTM students is in terrible shape. After driving around for 15 or 20 minutes to find a spot, we then must walk another several minutes to class.

This requires sometimes a 30 minute or more process, so you had better give yourself plenty of time before class. I really would like the administration to look at the parking situation for students and see that something needs to be done.

I also have a question for UTM Public Safety – is it really necessary to be so rude?

In my experience, UTM police have been the rudest I have ever seen in my life. I remember one day I was walking in the library and I passed a UTM police officer. I politely said “Hello,” and he just looked at me awkwardly and walked right by and I don’t understand why.

So if anyone out there feels the same way I do about this situation, I think you should write in and let your opinion be heard.

Antonio Davis is a junior finance major from Memphis.