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Pacer graduate learns from personal experiences

Published (Volume 76, No. 31)

It’s about that time…senior column time.

As I am writing this, it’s the last full week of classes and about two weeks till graduation, but it seems as if it was yesterday when I was huddled at my desk in Professor Norton’s freshman studies wondering why I came across the state to a tiny town with the nearest mall 45 minutes away.

I’m not the same person I was then and I thank God everyday for that.

I’m writing this with the promise of graduating as a Scholar, going on a travel study a few days after graduation and embarking on an internship at Walt Disney World in the fall.

The past four years of school, while challenging academically, did not teach me what I know now. It was the personal relationships and experiences I had outside the classroom setting that changed me from a quiet freshman to an outspoken senior.

I know that shout outs are so annoying in these final things, so instead I choose to call them howdys. It sounds corny I know, so bear with me.

To my family, first and foremost, for being my support system. They didn’t hate me for going eight hours away from home and never complained when I asked for money. I owe them all my success.

To the first of my other half: Greg. I will miss you more than words express. You were my first best friend in Martin and I wish you nothing but happiness. I know we will still be in touch because there’s no way we can NOT talk to one another. You better come visit me in Florida or I’m going to have to take a hit on you.

To the second of my other half: Jonathan. I miss you. I’m glad we worked things out.

To the best big and little sisters a girl could ever ask for: Emily and Sarah Beth. You guys are the greatest! Whether it was keeping one another sane from our crazy boy situations or walking around Martin, we knew how to have fun. I will miss you both so much. The Florida beaches are waiting for us this fall though!

To the occupants of MP 205: You guys rock! How can I ever forget singing karaoke at your apartment? And the tequila? Wow…

To my old Buffy partner: Brent. Isn’t it fitting that Angel is going off the air the same year we graduate? Coincidence? I think not. Have fun in England and send me a postcard.

To Emily V. and Megan: thanks for feeding me three nights out of the week. I owe you. Let’s rock Nashvegas!

To Jason D: you and “Cold Day in July” will forever be synonymous in my mind.

Lisa A.: Remember Better than Ezra? Definitely worth the wait.

Pacer Crew: good luck next year. I mean it. Seriously.

B. & B.: Keep the parties going here and I’ll let you in on the dirt at Disney. Promise.

B. D.: Remember that little trip to the boat? Well, I think it’s time you paid up.

Katie S., Laura B., and Jennifer T.: the best group of girl roommates a girl could ask for! If it wasn’t for you, I would never have made it past freshman year. Good luck in everything you do!

F.H.: You taught me more than you’ll ever know and gave me the confidence I never had. I’m really going to miss you, regardless of what you may think.

To the University Relations Crew and Joe Lofaro: You guys are the best people to work with! While I will miss talking to you guys, I have to say that I will not miss Alumni Notes. Keep an eye on Nate and keep him out of trouble with the police.

To the WLJT crew: With the exception of one nameless basketball game, I had the time of my life working with you guys!

To the Comm. Department: I love my major and you guys are the reason why.

Freed, Tomi, Hoyer and Robinson: thanks for going out of your way for your students. You are more than just professors to me.

Dr. Z, Dr. Dan and Prof. McBeth: You made academics fun - most of the time at least. I know there will be a big hole when we graduate, but I’m sure next year’s Scholars class can fill it. Thank you for everything.

To everyone else: there just isn’t time to say everything I want to. Come track me down before May 15 and we can talk about it.

While there were times I wanted to go back to East Tennessee, I stuck it out. I have no regrets of coming here and will miss it all when I graduate. Hope everyone has a great summer and follows their dreams!

And for us seniors, to quote Legally Blonde, “We did it!”

Candace Cooper is a graduating senior Communications major from Erwin. Candace was an Ads Representative this semester and Co-Managing Editor last semester. She was Opinions Editor from Spring 2002 to Spring 2003 and was an Associate News Editor Fall 2001 semester.