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Office of Public Safety offers way to keep anonymity

Published (Volume 75, No. 20)

People looking for an anonymous way to report criminal or suspicious activity on campus are in luck.

The Department of Public Safety, with assistance from the UTM Computer Center, has created an “Anonymous Crime Reporting Web Page.” This service is to help people on campus report suspicious activity without having to identify themselves.

The web page, which can be accessed at crime.utm.edu, will allow students to fill in the blanks with the type of activity, date, location and specific details of the occurrence they are reporting. The message will be sent and then forwarded to Safety and Security detectives for investigation while the sender’s email address is filtered out.  Students cannot be identified when they use the web site.

While all messages will be taken seriously and investigated, students should immediately report on-going criminal activity or if they are a victim of a crime by calling 911 or 7777.

Reporting the crime as soon as it happens will greatly increase the chances of identifying the suspect, preventing future crimes, and solving the crime.

This web site is another tool that can help keep UTM “one of the safest campuses in the state and nation.”