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Not too late for last minute V-day gifts

Published (Volume 75, No. 20)

It’s that time of year again.

It’s Valentine’s Day. The day of candy, cards, flowers, jewelry, stuffed animals and almost anything else that can be thought of. But what is the real meaning of this holiday and the motive behind it?

The holiday is named for the patron Saint Valentine, who stood up for love during the third century in Rome.

Emperor Claudius II outlawed marriages because he wanted as many single men as he could get, but Saint Valentine secretly continued marrying couples wishing to be joined in holy matrimony.

When Claudius found out Valentine’s actions, he had him put to death. He died on Feb. 14, 269, which is why it is celebrated on that day.

The exact legend behind this holiday and the patron saint’s life is unknown. It is also said that, while in prison, Saint Valentine fell in love with a young maiden and sent the first official
Valentine’s Day card with the greeting “From your Valentine.”

Though the exact history behind this day is unclear, he is in someway remembered for his contributions made in the name of love.

It is because of Saint Valentine standing up in the name of love that we celebrate all things love in memory of him.

Some look forward to Valentine’s Day for all the cards, gifts and whatnot while others either hate the day or look at it as a day unlike any other day.

Ideas for what to do are not just for those who have someone but can also be celebrated by singles as well, just in a different way.

For those who forgot today is Valentine’s Day and need a quick and easy but thoughtful gift to exchange, worry no more.

Do not try to overcompensate for forgetfulness. For the ladies, a simple card, small bouquet of flowers, a stuffed animal, dinner or candy could do the trick.

The pickings are going to be slim but search hard. The quest for the perfect gift on Valentine’s Day will not be an easy one.

For the guys, the same applies when searching. The search will be hard but a simple card and dinner might do the trick.
For a personalized gift, create a gift centered around a common interest. Find something that is meaningful because it will be remembered and more likely to be seen after the month is finished.

Valentine’s Day is about expressing what is on one’s heart, which is worth far more than anything money can buy.

Have a great and successful Valentine’s Day!