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Not all Christians are ‘brain-dead dangerous fanatics’

Published (Volume 76, No. 30)

Mr. Tommy Argo sewed the wind when he called certain people “brain-dead dangerous fanatics” and now he must reap the whirlwind.

I am not “anti-Christian” but I am anti-religion.  Religion divides and creates elevations where there were none before. Think this isn’t true? 

Ask a person of one denomination to tell you “who’s going to heaven” and they will undoubtedly say something to the effect of “people who believe like me” then turn and ask someone else of a differing denomination the same question and the answer will be surprisingly similar. They can’t all be right.  Someone has to be wrong and that someone will burn, correct?

Mr. Argo is partially correct in one thing, Christianity is a reality but not a reality we all live in and for him to make such a blanket statement as saying those who do not believe the way he does are all “brain-dead” is insulting both to the persons hit by these remarks and to Mr. Argo himself.

Imagine him referring to himself as “educated” while spewing this sort of drivel. Perhaps Mr. Argo should reflect on what the book he values so much has to say about how one should treat his fellow man even though said fellow man isn’t of the same belief as he. 

While we’re getting nitpicky about things, the Oxford American Dictionary defines religion as follows: “belief in the existence of a superhuman controlling power, especially of God or gods, usually expressed in worship,” in one definition and in the following definition states: “a particular system of faith and worship, the Christian religion” so it would appear that Mr. Argo was wrong on two accounts. 

Christianity, in addition to being a reality, IS a religion and not everyone who doesn’t see the blinding light of Christianity is “brain-dead.”

Some of us are QUITE educated.

Christian Ashlar is a sophomore English/Theatre major from Martin.