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New policies may occur for UC

Published (Volume 76, No. 3)

Because of the recent events that took place in the UC on Friday, Aug. 22, some new policies have been recommended to ensure that similar incidents can be avoided in the future.

The following recommendations have been made to protect everyone:

- There must be two-weeks’ notice prior to the event so that the room can be booked.
- A fee of $25 an hour is applied to all functions that take place after hours, which is 11 p.m.
- Every function must end by 2 a.m.
- No functions will occur after hours on weeknights.
- There is no alcohol permitted in the UC.
- All students and guests must adhere to the campus standard of conduct
- An advisor or alumni of the organization must be in attendance at functions to make sure that nothing gets out of   hand.
- It is the university’s policy that anything occurring at a function is the sole responsibility of the organization.

Mr. Steve Vantrease, the UC director, proposed some new policies to the SGA, IFC, NPHC, and the Panhellenic Council to be discussed and voted on.

The new recommendations include the following:
- There must be at least one security guard present, along with the advisor of the organization, for private parties.
- There must be at least two security guards present, along with the advisor for the organization, for public parties.
- The cost of the security guard or guards will be paid by the organization.
- The UC will be locked at all entrances and exits with the exception of a designated one allowing people coming
and going to be monitored.

The accepted policies will be in effect by the end of the month. When asked about these new policies, Mr. Vantrease said, “It’s a shame that an isolated incident by an organization will cause changes that negatively impacts all students and organizations.”

In a previous interview with Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Katie High told the Pacer that policy revisions may be occuring campus-wide, including buildings such as the Elam Center.