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NAACP for everyone, not only African-Americans

Letter to the Editor

Published (Volume 76, No. 4)

Are we an organization that exists solely to help protect the rights of only African Americans?

Of course not!

For nearly a century now, socially conscious individuals from all walks of life, from all parts of the political spectrum, of all races and religions, have done something wonderful. They have dared to speak out for that which is right and against that which is wrong. They’ve all believed that civil rights are for everyone, that democracy is for everyone, and not just for some. The problems that we fight are not just the African-American fight; it’s a fight for equality for all minority groups. If it is ignored, the problem becomes like an untreated cancer – it grows and consumes the whole body.

The UTM-NAACP chapter is designed to work on our local problems on campus and in the Martin community, and is only as good as the local leadership and people involved. This organization not only reflects our campus, but the Martin community as well. We ask you to join us in continuing the legacy of equality for which some of our greatest civil rights leaders died.

We have lots of plans for the Fall 2003 semester. Next week, from Sept. 18-20, 10 students and the UTM-NAACP adviser, Dr. Rosetta Washington, an assistant professor of Educational Studies, will attend a conference at Middle Tennessee State University.

Our chapter also will sponsor the Dorothy Height Enrichment Program. Students who participate in this program will be paired with other students and are required to spend 20 hours every two weeks in the Paul Meek Library. The pair with the highest grade point average at the end of the semester will receive $100. The deadline for signup is Sunday, Sept. 14. For more information, contact Program and Research chair Claudia Cole at x8184.

Any student enrolled at UTM, regardless of race, is encouraged to join the UTM-NAACP chapter or to participate in the Dorothy Height Enrichment Program. We also will keep you informed as to upcoming meetings and events.

Kody Tate, Second Vice President
Felicia Tate, President
UTM-NAACP chapter