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Morgan, Whitson give Something to Write Home About

Performer interacts with fans

Published (Volume 76, No. 3)

One country music star looked as if he was “almost home” Wednesday night in the Skyhawk arena as he performed in front of nearly 2,000 people.

Craig Morgan gave an energetic and exciting performance singing many of his hits such as “I’m Country,” “Almost Home,” “Something to Write Home About” and “Money.”

Morgan also performed his newly released hit, “Friday Afternoon,” which tells the story of a divorced father who must deal with his ex-wife moving to another state with their child.

Besides running off stage and interacting with the fans, Morgan also added a special touch to his performance by sporting a UT Martin jersey.  Morgan put the jersey on right before he sang “My Redneck of the Woods.”

Morgan stated at the concert that to be in his “redneck of the woods,” we’d have to drive to Dickson, TN. Another fact that most people would not know about Morgan is that he has a military background. According to www.craigmorgan.com, Morgan was enlisted in the Army in the airborne division. Morgan became a rappel master and jump master. He also participated in Operation Just Cause, the U.S. military operation that removed Panama’s Manuel Noriega from power.

Morgan’s love for writing has brought him to the completion and release of his second album, I Love It. More information on Craig Morgan can be found on his web site.

Morgan’s act was preceded by Steven Whitson, the WWYN West Tennessee Idol. Whitson sang many other artist’s songs including “19 Something” by Mark Wills, “Wrapped Up In You” by Garth Brooks, “Amazed” by Lonestar and “How Do You Like Me Now” by Toby Keith. Whitson sang one original song titled “As Long As You Love Me.” Whitson co-wrote the song with his father and a friend.

Proceeds of the concert went to the construction of a new soccer pavilion at the Martin Recreation Complex.