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More cameras and the same old web browsers

Published (Volume 79, No. 9)

This week, as a continuation of our series on digital cameras, we will take a look at four high powered zoom cameras from some of the most well known digital camera manufacturers in the country.

These cameras typify higher quality zoom cameras, and anyone in the market for a new digital camera should keep in mind that some cameras in the same series as these models could be of lesser quality for a “better,” i.e. lower, price. (Don’t let prices fool you.) We’ll wrap things up next week with a look at three or four Digital SLRs.

Also on the block this week: Internet Explorer 7. Microsoft’s newest internet browser received bad reviews during its beta testing period, and although the full release was supposed to have fixed a lot of the errors, only time will tell if it can compete with Firefox 2.0 (released last week) and Opera 9.02 These two browsers, in addition to Safari for Mac computers and a number of lesser known browsers, have chipped away at Internet Explorer’s market share for more than two years and promise to continue. Read the review to see if you want to update your IE or drop Microsoft from your browsing options.

As always, if you think we’re uninformed or incorrect about a topic, send me an email and I’ll be happy to feature your opinions right here in The Technophile. Who knows, I might even ask you to write for us!