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Minorities get the short end of the stick at UTM

Published (Volume 76, No. 4)

Yes, I said it, in my opinion minority students here in Martin get the short end of stick around campus and the community.

This is an issue I feel we as minorities are too laid back about. So now that I’m a senior I feel the need to address this issue.

The first issue I would like to address is the employment of the minority students on campus. I know there are a number of minority students employed on campus. Most employed minorities are from the Martin area or their parents are employed by the university. It hurts to know that these people have student employment jobs waiting on them upon enrolling their first semester of school, while the other percentage of minorities who really need jobs rely on mom and dad or hope that - just maybe - one of the local businesses will hire them.

Another issue, not related to the campus, that I have had a hard time swallowing is the community movie theater Cine. My problem with the theater is that the majority of the African-American movies are excluded in Martin. Having questions that I needed answers to, I called the movie theater and asked if there are any requirements for movies to be seen there. The answer I received was that there are no requirements needed for movies. So why are the majority of the African-American movies not getting any show time?

I also would like to take this time to thank SAC for what they have done for the campus as far as showing a variety of African-American movies - keep up the good work.

The last issue I would like to address is that whenever minorities tend to gather together or even have a party it always seems to draw a large number of officers. Why is that?

Again I would like to say that these are my opinions of what I have noticed and experienced in the time I have been present in Martin.

Kevin Milan is a senior Communications major from Trenton.