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Letters to the Editor

Published (Volume 77, No. 13)

Give students a break

My name is Katie Cooper, from Somerville TN, I am a senior at UTM and my major is Communication PR.  I think that the areas restaurants should all give students some type of discount.  I am aware that some are already giving discounts but as much profit as the students bring to the businesses, the least eateries could do is to allow students maybe 5- 10% discounts.  I also believe that grocery stores such as EW James should allow students to purchase items at discount prices. Maybe not all items but some on special to give students the opportunity to purchase snacks or microwave dinners.  The students of UTM are the major benefactors for the businesses and I think we should get a little help considering how expensive being in college is.  I am not trying to get free hand outs but a little help would be nice. 

Katie Cooper

Transferring frustrating

I am originally from this area; however I chose to spend my freshman year of college at Murray State University.  When I came home, and decided to transfer to Martin, it was difficult.  This entire semester has been very frustrating because no one told me about certain things that I should have been made aware of.  I wanted to register for next semester and I had holds, several in fact. 

One hold was for my immunization records; Murray never required this, so I didn’t know about it.  When I registered no one told me about it.  I also never received anything in the mail regarding my housing status until I was sent a letter stating that I had to file these papers which I had never heard of or pay the cost of housing on campus.  I didn’t even know how to drop a class when I wanted to earlier in the semester. 

Is there not someone on this campus who deals with transfers and their problems?  I was told that my adviser was supposed to help me with these problems, and that I was in a bad department for advising.  I was also told that when registering initially I was supposed to be advised of such things by the people in admissions, though I wasn’t. 

Is there anyone or any organization set up on campus to help people like me transferring from other places and have no clue?

Amanda K. Selah
Union City