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Letters to the Editor

Published (Volume 77, No. 6)

Greenway support

Thank you for your support of the Brian Brown Memorial Greenway Project.

Brian Brown, UTM Recreation Supervisor, proposed it in 2000, but was involved in a fatal bicycle accident. 

The greenway is a university-community partnership, as shown by the contributions of UTM students, faculty, administrators and staff. 

I would like to especially thank the students who have supported the project. I invite current and future alumni to return to campus and take a walk on the greenway trail that they helped to make a reality.

We have met the goal of raising $80,000 and donated pre-engineering work to match the grant funds for estimated construction costs of Phase One of the greenway, thanks to generous contributions of time and money from UTM students, faculty and staff in organizations.

We expect that over $20,000 of greenway design work from Chris Goodman’s senior engineering project, and from a surveying class, will count as in-kind donations.

Anyone wanting to contribute to the greenway project can send a tax-deductible donation to me in campus mail.

Tim Johnston
President, Brian Brown Greenway Foundation

UTM band rocks

I am responding to William Burdette’s letter about the Skyhawk marching band.

Thanks for all your hard work and dedication. You have improved tremendously and it really showed at the UTM and TSU game.

Being in the marching band takes time, practice and dedication, just like any sport.

We do not need to criticize any kind of representation of UTM; it makes us not appreciate our school.

We have our freedoms to criticize, but the article seemed somewhat discouraging.

There are universities and colleges throughout the world that do not have athletic teams or a marching band. We should be appreciative that we have a band that is able to perform and entertain us during half-time.

The marching band’s performance was very good. Keep up all your hard work and dedication.

Thank you for representing UTM in the way that you do!

Ricka Donald