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Letter to the Editor: New sign may be a driving hazard

Published (Volume 76, No. 31)

Dear Editor:

Driving down University Street I noticed the new billboard that the university has acquired.

I find that it is nice to improve the appearance of our school but was it a good investment?

As an avid driver of University Street, I find it difficult to read the screen, especially the advertisements.

For the time that the text is in focus I can barely decipher the message. When the sentences scroll the only way I have time to read the whole thing is when I drive by four or five times at just the right time.

The new university back lit logo does show a nice update to the street that had been long awaited, but the screen seems to be only partially effective and usually only effective at night.

I feel that there are other little improvements that call for immediate attention than trying to impress incoming students with flashy lights, for example, the cross walks between the new alumni gym and Grove Apartments are in dire need of attention.

The way funds are spent are always in question at UTM, so I decided to question them one more time.

Christopher Bennington is a junior Communications major from Marshall County.