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Intramural football standings set

Published (Volume 76, No. 8)

The intramural flag football season has already proven itself to be exciting and dramatic, with an extremely high level of competition amongst the nearly 50 teams participating.

With only a few weeks left in the season, teams are stepping up and pushing for a strong finish and for some momentum going into the tournament. There are still a lot of regular season games to be played.

As some teams are seeing their season slowly winding down, others are just beginning, with only a game or two under their belts.

“This is some of the best competition I’ve ever seen,” said Jeff Joslin, a senior marketing major from Kalkaska, Mich. “Two of our games have already come to last-second drives that decided the outcome of the game. It’s an adrenaline rush every time that happens.”

While extremely close games have become a common sight at the intramural fields, the competition in some divisions has proven to be greatly staggered. Several teams have been cruising their schedule, blowing teams out along the way.

There are plenty of great games in the making, featuring undefeated teams going head to head.

The fraternity league contains three undefeated teams: Pike, KA and ATO. When these teams square off against one another, it is undoubtedly going to be an exciting and hard-fought football exhibition, of which only one team can emerge victorious.

The Elite 8 Division of the Claw League has proven to be a great match-up of teams with relatively similar skill levels.

As of Wednesday, the Ballers are leading the division with an undefeated record, while LAGNAF and PGMF are tied for second.

The Pac 9 Division of the Claw League also features great competition with the Trojans sitting atop the division with an undefeated record.

The men’s Talon League features 3-0 N.O. team, 3-0 LBOB team and 2-0 Untouchables team. With three undefeated teams, things are sure to heat up sometime in the near future.

In the Ladies Talon League, Risky Business has been taking care of business, allowing no points to be scored on them all season long. Chi Omega is in second place with their only loss coming at the hands of Risky Business.

The Jack and Jill League is still up for grabs with several teams competing for the top spot. There have been several defaulted games, but the Omegas, Pikes and Baptist Collegiate Ministries seem to be struggling for the top seed.