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I don't have your back

Published (Volume 75, No. 28)

Ms. Paschall and Ms. Terrell, I have no opinion concerning the contestation of the SGA elections and your blatant accusations of bias. However, I would like to make a brief comment on your article as an opinionated piece of writing.

We all have worked alongside people with whom we do not necessarily agree or like for that matter. As this is a universal, immunable fact, you must learn to deal with it.

I think it speaks very poorly of your sense of loyalty. Apparently you have none. While your coworkers are entitiled to their views, so are you. Along the same lines, publishing an article in which you openly disagree and insult your fellow employees, you have shown how little the Pacer truly means to you.

The Pacer is not only a school newspaper. It is the students’ source for information about current ongoings on the campus which they have chosen to acquire a higher education. I think it is insulting that you would degrade your employer in such a way. If you have no sense of dignity towards the organization and loyalty to your family in news, you, ladies, have no reason to write and/or work for the Pacer.

The world does not need people that will break out on their own and insult the character of their “friends.” I say “friends” because I have never heard any of the Pacer staff insult one another before I read your article. And what’s worse, you posted it on the Pacer web site. I should hope that for your own sake, you have voiced these views to your fellow staff. If you have not, God be with you. Character is not.

Matthew Elsroad is a sophomore Geoscience major from Milan.