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Housing announces prize winners

Published (Volume 76, No. 30)

Credit: Samantha Young
Credit: Samantha Young

This past Monday and Tuesday, the UTM Housing department sponsored a Furniture Fair to choose furniture for the new housing complex.

Students were given the chance to vote on furniture that will be used in the new apartment style dorms that will be built where part of Austin Peay Hall currently is.  Students were given the chance to test different armchairs and desk chairs, and also had the opportunity to view the different coffee table and side table designs that were on display.  Students then voted for the designs they liked best then their surveys were submitted to the housing department for consideration.  By voting, students were also entered into contests for door prizes donated by H&H Furniture and Contract Furniture Alliance, Inc. 

Winners of door prizes were, Tracy Baker, Luke Cravens, Heather Cheatham, Sam Shedrick, Ra’sheda Wright, Megan Hoxie, Emily Beckman, Jamie Harper, Stephanie Mykes, Lauren Singer, Natalie Humphreys, Catherine Gibson, Rachel Jayne Hammond, Lindsey Cordell, Jenny Riley, Corey Smith, Rena Harris, Candi Karas, and Jodie Carney.

Results of the Furniture Fair were unavailable at press time.

The Furniture Fair is part of the Housing Departments commitment to involve student input into the design of the new apartments.  UTM Housing held meetings earlier this year to hear students’ concerns about the new apartments. 

Director of Housing Earl Wright said, “these meetings were set up to get the student’s input and let them know that they are a part of the process, even if they will be graduated by the time the new dorms open.”  The new apartment style dorms are scheduled to open the fall semester of 2005.