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Homecoming festivities show how absences reflect in council meetings

Published (Volume 79, No. 9)

The Freshman Council met this past Thursday to discuss several topics going on here at UTM.

This was the fourth session for the Freshman Council this year. The meeting started with a roll call to ensure that all members were present, but a few students did not attend due to other Homecoming events.

If a student is unable to attend a meeting it is their responsibility to find a substitute to take their place, but that person is unable to vote on any of the proceedings. At the meeting Cody Martin, president, from South Fulton, started off by commenting on how important it is that everyone attend council meetings. Ashley Tankersley, vice president, from Union City, wanted to thank everyone who volunteered their time to SGA-sponsored events.

A Freshman Council member was impeached due to the number of absences they had accumulated. Members of the council tried to reach the councilmember via e-mail and phone calls. The councilmember had two weeks to reach the council and without a letter of resignation that councilmember was impeached during the meeting.

During the committee reports, it was announced that Bill Cordes will be the keynote speaker at the Youth Summit for high school students who show leadership and shows them how to carry their leadership skills into college. Also, in the Campus Observation report, it was reported that Sodexho is now thinking about offering organic food in the cafeteria.

A Parli-Pro Presentation was supposed to be given about Parliamentary Procedure but the council was unable to get the proper equipment, so it has been rescheduled for the council’s next meeting.

During announcements, members of the council were updated on a fellow councilmember who had been hospitalized. The member was reported to be doing better and they hope to see him at the next council meeting.

The Freshman Council allows freshmen to get involved on campus and the decisions that are being made to improve the campus. Many leaders here on campus were once members of Freshman Council, such as SGA President James Orr.

Freshman Council meetings are held every other Thursday at 9 p.m. in UC 111.