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HHP plans Health Awareness Day, Million Mile Marathon fundraiser

Published (Volume 76, No. 8)

The UTM Sport Management class, in the Department of Health and Human Performance, in conjunction with the UTM Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, is hosting a St. Jude’s Research Hospital fundraiser with a health awareness component.

The Million Mile Marathon will consist of participants walking the first 25 miles on their own, at their own pace. Participants will have family, friends and co-workers pledge a dollar amount for each mile completed.

At 3 p.m. Nov. 19, all Million Mile Marathon participants will meet at the front of the Kathleen and Tom Elam Center to walk the final mile of the marathon together. Immediately following the walk, there will be a reception with door prizes, thank-you gifts, and awards. Also on Nov. 19, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., the UTM Department of Health and Human Performance will host a Health Awareness Day in the UC.

The events are planned partly to honor Emily Miller, a former UTM soccer player who has been diagnosed with cancer and is a St. Jude’s patient.

Miller grew up playing soccer in Collierville, just like many other little girls. But Miller became an extraordinary young woman while playing soccer at UTM. Miller is not ranked in the nation for goals, she may not have even scored a goal in her college career, but the effect she has had on the soccer team and many other people is everlasting.

Miller was affectionately nicknamed “mom .” She was the first to bring cold medicine when someone could not get out of bed. She always made sure her teammates were eating enough. Her coach could never leave the locker room without Miller making sure the coach’s shirt, belt and shoes all matched.

Miller was a unique asset to the Skyhawk soccer team. She attended every game, not knowing where or how much she was going to play. She was the epitome of the “utility” player, playing at almost every position. She worked hard and motivated the team, both on the field and off.

All who know her were devastated when Miller was diagnosed with bone cancer. The woman who never drank and never smoked now had something foreign in her body. Now she needed others to take care of her. In her continued fight with cancer, Miller remains positive. The doctors at St. Jude said the fact that she is so healthy makes her fight against cancer much easier.

On behalf of Miller and other St. Jude patients, students are asked to participate in efforts to increase health awareness by attending Health Awareness Day and participating in the Million Mile Marathon.

Registration for the Million Mile Marathon will begin at 7:30 a.m. Monday, Oct. 13, in front of the Elam Center. Registration will continue online or by phone until Nov. 12.

Registration forms can be downloaded from the Health and Human Performance Web site at http://www.utm.edu/departments/ed/physed/physed.htm . You can also register via e-mail at mmmarathon2003@yahoo.com or by phone by calling the Department of Health and Human Performance at 587-7310.