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Help wanted at SEATU

Published (Volume 76, No. 8)

Though looking for a job takes work, it becomes somewhat easier when you are looking for employment in the service and hospitality industries.

The Seafarers Entertainment and Allied Trades Union (SEATU) now offers a wide range of employment opportunities in those industries. The union is seeking professionals and entry-level personnel (no experience required) interested in working in positions including, but not limited to, chefs, cooks, housekeepers, room attendants, bartenders and wait staff.

The union is a growing, vibrant organization that’s committed to providing the best possible representation for its membership. For many workers – experienced and newcomers alike – the union signifies a viable opportunity to secure gainful employment, typically including competitive pay and benefits.

SEATU members are em-ployed in transportation, maintenance and housekeeping, working in restaurants and hotels as well as aboard day-trip boats and excursion vessels in the deck, engine and steward departments. From entry-level jobs to more skilled positions, SEATU helps provide its members with the benefits of a union contract, training and opportunity for advancement.

Many SEATU members also enjoy the rewards of the training benefits offered at the Paul Hall Center for Maritime Training and Education in Piney Point, Md. The maritime industry is closely regulated and requires all members to keep their certifications up to date. Instructors at the Paul Hall Center constantly modify their courses for SEATU members to make sure they receive the latest information and techniques, including topics from basic and advanced firefighting to general safety and first aid awareness. The schooling, in-cluding room and board, is free for SEATU members who are employed by contracted companies that provide for such training.

Qualified SEATU members also may have the opportunity to said with the Seafarers Inter-national Union as mariners on board U.S.-flag merchant vessels, tugs, barges and other vessels sailing under union contracts.

For more information, write to SEATU at P.O. Box 400, Piney Point, MD 20674 or e-mail seatu@seafarers.org.