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Guest flutist performs at UTM, unique style

Published (Volume 75, No. 20)

Performing for the UTM community, Sarah Beth Hanson truly changed the outlook of the flute with her outstanding concert last Monday evening.

Hanson is the principal flutist of the Baton Rouge Symphony and the Louisiana Sinfonietta, and has been a featured soloist with both groups numerous times.

She was a student of Charles DeLaney at Florida State University.

Hanson opened her concert with Ballad, Op. 288 by Carl Reinecke. Dr. Elaine Harriss, associate professor of Music, accompanied her on the piano.

The piece truly brought out the gentle and sweet sound of the flute.

She then performed Suite Antique by John Rutter. This particular piece had five different movements, and Dr. Harriss once again accompanied her.

The first movement of the piece, Prelude, sounded sweet and quiet. At times, there was a call and answer between the flute and the piano.

In the third movement of the piece, Aria, the piece began as a somber piece. Her performance of the movement illustrated the high range of pitches of the flute.

In Silver Pieces for Flute and Tape by Aris Carastathis, Hanson performed remarkably well with a tape recording. The piece was very modern and an interesting performance to witness.
In the first movement, Ice Rain, an eerie and trance-like atmosphere was set with the recording. Combined with Hanson’s flute performance, one could almost feel the mood of the piece.

“It’s very modern and different,” said Shenika Turner, a senior Music Education major from Humboldt. “People need to be exposed to different genres of music.”

In La Basque (a French piece) by Marin Marais, Harriss began with a playful intro with the piano. Hanson quickly followed the intro with the sounds of the flute.

Performing one of her teacher’s (Charles DeLaney) compositions, Hymn of Pan for Flute and Clarinet Alone, Hanson showed great flutter tones with the quick, rapid movements of her fingers on the keys of the flute.

The composition was actually inspired by one of Percy Bysshe Shelley’s poem, The Hymn of Pan, according to the program.

“I am very proud to perform the piece by DeLaney [Hymn of Pan for Flute and Clarinet Alone],” said Hanson. “It was actually written a long time ago. I was the first of his students to record any of his compositions. It’s a way for me to give back to him for giving so much to me as a student.”

Hanson was also accompanied on the clarinet by special guest Dave McClune in Duos for Flute and Clarinet, Op. 24 by Robert Muczynski.

Hanson ended her concert with Regrets and Resolutions by Gary Shocker. She was accompanied Harriss on the piano.

In the piece, Hanson held out long notes and played a lively, repetitive melody. The piece truly showcased the sound of the flute in many different ways.

The whole program was exceptionally great,” said Sarah Koch, a sophomore Pre-Vet major from Bartlett. “She is a wonderful flutist; she gave a whole new outlook on how the flute is played.

Because Hanson is a fellow Sigma Alpha Iota (SAI) sister, the sisters of the UTM chapter of SAI serenaded their sister at the end of her performance with great joy.

“It was wonderful,” said Hanson. “It was so much fun to play for such a delightful audience.”

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