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Greekfest Lip Sync raises money for Alyssa

Published (Volume 75, No. 20)

This year’s Lip Sync, a Greekfest event that helped to raise $3,500 for Alyssa, took place on, Friday, Feb. 7 in the Skyhawk Field House in front of an energetic crowd.

First to grace the stage in the sorority division was Alpha Delta Pi. They did a skit using the popular television show The Bachelorette with a southern theme.

Trista chose between three men - a redneck, a southern gentleman and a rebel - to be her husband. In the end, she chose the southern gentleman, thus proving that the southern gentleman always gets the girl.

Alpha Omicron Pi did a tour of the southern states using country songs that best represented each state. The crowd favorite was the classic Rocky Top. Their skit included Elvis and concluded with a tribute to America. The crowd favorite was when Uncle Sam, Lady Liberty and Toby Keith came onstage to sing his hit Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American) for which the crowd roared.

Next in the competition, Chi Omega did “Chi-O Salutes the South.” They saluted each southern state by holding up huge cutouts of each state. Included in their skit was an Elvis impersonator as well. Their performance did portray all aspects of the south for which it is best known.

Last in the sorority division was Zeta Tau Alpha. Their skit, portraying an elderly couple telling their grandchild about the good old days, entertained the crowd. She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy was creative but somewhat overdone. Did I Shave My Legs For This was the crowd favorite.

In the fraternity division, Alpha Gamma Rho took to the stage with several guys in drag throughout their skit. Each brother in drag represented the four sororities on campus who sang around special guests, Elvis and Britney Spears.

Alpha Tau Omega took the stage next, beginning with Dueling Banjos. The crowd favorite was Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow up to be Cowboys, which had a brother in jeans with chaps on and his mother chasing him and waving a towel. At the end of their performance, the brothers joined together to sing Family Tradition.

Kappa Alpha Order had various celebrities joining together to perform in their skit. The crowd favorites were Alan Jackson and Ozzy Osbourne, introduced by Roy D. Mercer. The audience could not stop laughing because no one could understand what Ozzy was saying. At the end, all of the “guests” joined together on stage to sing Dixie Land Tonight.

Pi Kappa Alpha entered the stage during Sold (The Grundy County Auction Incident) with the next song being Indian Outlaw, which was uncoordinated, but the audience sang along. The brothers picked a few popular songs, but the performance was nothing impressive. All of their “choreography” could have been done at their house. It would have been less humiliating.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon began their performance with Sweet Home Alabama. They played various songs, not just country, that best represented the south. With songs ranging from Devil Went Down to Georgia to Back That Thang Up, the brothers included a mix of music to please all members of the audience. The crowd tolerated most of the performance until Make ‘Em Say Ugh! came on, then they turned ugly. They ended their performance by saying, “The best part about being a southerner is that we’re all Americans.”

Last was Sigma Phi Epsilon. They had the biggest backdrop in the show,  a trailer. Their skit followed the tragic love affair of Darryl and Ellie Mae told by Billy Ray and Bubba. They couple got married and had their honeymoon in Georgia. After getting “hitched,” Ellie Mae cheated on Darryl and the skit concluded with The Beverly Hillbillies theme.

ZTA and SigEp won crowd favorites. ADPi received second place and AOPi received first place in the sorority division. SAE received second place and SigEp received first place in the fraternity division. Best of Show went to AOPi.