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Gas prices continue to rise

Published (Volume 75, No. 20)

Pepto won’t help this gas situation.

Gone are the good ole days of gas being 89 cents a gallon. Gas prices have gone up again and it doesn’t look like any relief is coming anytime soon.

With all the talk about budget crisis and employment rates going up, it is more expensive to drive to work, school or wherever.

With the ever-looming war with Iraq, gas prices are sure to soar higher. Gas prices are lower during the winter months than summer, but the government is putting 24 million barrels of oil and tapping into the strategic oil reserves.

At Huck’s on Lindell Street, regular unleaded gas is $1.55. For those who like the finer gas, plus costs $1.65 and super costs $1.71.

Exxon on University Street has felt the rise as well. Gas there is $1.59 for regular unleaded, $1.65 for plus and $1.71 for super.
Pocket’s Shell, also on University Street, is going along with the competition. Regular unleaded costs $1.56, plus costs $1.61 and super costs $1.66.

Located right off campus, the most convenient but also most expensive place is University BP. For their self-service gas, it is $1.64 for regular unleaded, $1.74 for plus and $1.84 for super.
Gas prices have risen sharply in the past couple of years, especially since Sept. 11. So fill your vehicle now. There doesn’t look to be a break anytime soon.