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Feral response to Huse

Published (Volume 76, No. 8)

A technical writing professor wants us to know that “in all likelihood” some cats were trapped underneath the crawlspaces of the Holland McCombs Center, and that the Physical Plant administration and management “apparently” don’t care.  I think a technical writing professor should take the time and effort to contact those responsible in order to replace her uncertainties with facts before going on a rampage.

A student worker informed me that it was Ms. Huse who let the cats under the crawlspace in the first place.  Thus, what started out as about four stray cats around Crisp Hall a couple years ago have multiplied into at least twenty stray cats around various campus buildings. 

I find it unconscionable that a self-described animal advocate would perpetuate the stray problem.  Had the crawlspaces been sealed at the beginning, there would only be about four cats in need of a home…and judging by how many people would try to call the cats to them on a given day, finding homes for the cats wouldn’t have been an issue. 

Twenty or more cats is a different story.  Now some of those cats will probably die in a pound or shelter that can’t afford to continue feeding them and can’t find enough people who want a cat.

Sealing those crawlspaces was not inhumane for the same reason that spaying/neutering your pet is not inhumane, and euthanizing a suffering animal is not inhumane.

No, Ms. Huse, you’re not the only person on this campus who cares about the cats.  You’re just the only one ignorant enough to ignore the fact that when given the opportunity, stray cats breed more stray cats.