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Editorial: Students are owed itemized fee ‘bill’

Published (Volume 77, No. 6)

What could you do with an extra $236?

That’s the question we’d like to know, as every student has graciously given the university that money under the so-called “Programs and Facilities Fee.”

Just four years ago, that same fee was $177. That increase is a little bit more than the rate of inflation, we say.

But it costs money to run a quality university that 6,107 of us now call home.

Even so, we at least deserve an itemized bill. Where does this money go? What exactly is it that we’ve paid for?

The yearbook fee already shows up as a separate item. Like it or not, at least we know how much we paid for it.

We equate not recieving this kind of information on the front end to going to a restaurant and the waiter bringing a bill that simply says “Food — $21.50.”

We call on the administration to provide each student with highly detailed lists of where our dollars are going. This means finding out which student organizations are getting aid, and how much.

The Pacer reports that each student pays about $2 each semester for a weekly newspaper, with a circulation of roughly 3,000 copies each week.

So that’s $234 to go.