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Editorial: Fitness center debate should be decided by vote of student body

Published (Volume 77, No. 13)

Talks continue to swarm about the possibility of opening the student fitness center in the UC to faculty. While this newspaper has expressed opposition to the move for various reasons, we acknowledge the need to return to the bargaining table.

But this “bargaining” should not be done by a handful of students and faculty. A proposition of this magnitude should be posed to the student body as a whole.

The representative body, well intentioned as they are, should not deem this matter as something they can handle alone. We even have questions to whether or not they would have the authority to act in good faith.

SGA elections are held in April every year, at which time referendums also appear on the ballot. The most recent of which came in the form of a yearbook fee, which a proportionally small number of students voted in an $8.50 for an annual yearbook.

The SGA and Faculty Senate should move quickly to place this on the spring 2005 ballot. Let this issue be decided in the court of public opinion, not by strong-arm tactics.
It is our right as students to have a voice in the way our student center is utilized.