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Economical, expensive ideas for spring break

Published (Volume 76, No. 25)

Midterms are over and, as most students would say, “Time for a break.”

The only question that remains for most is where to go. In most instances, students want to enjoy a week of fun in the sun while others just want to visit family and friends, save money or work.

If a student chooses to travel he or she should find out the cost of the trip. Several expenses included in any vacation are gas, hotels, food, beverages and entertainment.  This cost will then determine whether the student can afford a more expensive trip or stick to the basics and save some cash. 

Some of the best spots are Panama City Beach, Fla.; Cancun, Mexico; Nassau, Bahamas; Key West, Fla.; South Padre Island, Texas; Daytona Beach, Fla.; and Jamaica. On the other hand, these are only a few of the destinations to choose from.

If a student is willing to spend a little money, any of these places would be ideal to visit. The average trip for spring break can start as low as $199, according to studentcity.com, and can exceed $700. It all depends on the location and how much planning is done before the trip.

Several factors that must be considered for the trip are air fare, bus tickets or gas, food, beverages and entertainment.

First, prices of both plane tickets and gasoline are running rather high so actually getting to the destination will be costly while a bus ride, which is cheaper, takes longer.

Next, students should consider how much meals and beverages will cost for the entire trip. Some restaurants and bars are more expensive in bigger cities.

Last, the types of entertainment students will take part in also should be considered because many places charge a fee simply to enter. 

Fortunately, students who do plan to travel to any of these places can save money by choosing an all-inclusive discount package offered at most travel agencies whether it is local or online.

The majority of discount packages include a seven-night stay at a participating hotel, food and beverages at several eating places, party packages, daily beach parties and night activities.
The travel expense may or may not be included in these packages. 

In a perfect world, everyone could take a big trip, but this year it isn’t in the cards for some students. Many are going home to see family and friends while others take the time to work and save money.

Several great ideas that are relatively inexpensive, but can be just as memorable are camping, theme parks, and visiting family and friends.

Another option would be to go on a trip with a school organization. Several groups enjoy traveling during the break so that is a plus for a number of students because they can enjoy an educational experience at a relatively good price.