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Confirm enrollment or lose classes

Published (Volume 75, No. 28)


Soon, the Business Office will be mailing students fee payment information packets and class confirmation cards. If the office doesn’t get the confirmation cards back by May 22 (for summer) or August 12 (for fall), then the student will have their classes dropped. Julie Barron, the Accounting Supervisor for Business Affairs, tells how to avoid getting dropped.

First, students must confirm their registration. They can do this in one of three ways. The first way to confirm your enrollment is to send back the confirmation card that the Business Office will mail to your permanent address. Secondly, you can go to the office (Room 116 of the Administration building) and confirm your enrollment in person. Thirdly, enrollment can be confirmed on Banner, accessible from the UTM Web site at http://www.utm.edu.

Even if financial aid or scholarships pay your tuition, you should check (either on Banner or by calling the Business office) to make sure you don’t have other charges on your balance, such as phone bills or parking tickets.

Bursar Carroll Lewis said that financial aid students especially should confirm their classes as soon as possible, since these students wouldn’t have to wait until a good time to pay comes up.

“They have no reason to wait,” said Lewis.

Lewis said students should mail their payment and confirmations two weeks before the drop date, at the latest, to make sure the mail arrives at the Business Office in time.

Confirmation for summer classes is available now, while confirmation for fall will begin sometime in July.

Why should students confirm their enrollment?

“It ensures to us that that the flag is set to hold classes,” said Lewis, “That’s why it’s so important.”

If your classes are dropped, you will have to reregister.

For students with financial aid, Lewis said that, as long as a student registers before the drop date, refund checks will be available within the first two or three days that classes begin, depending on the student’s last name.

You may need to repay part of your excess check if you withdraw from classes, drop classes (either during the first week or later), or do not begin attendance in all classes.