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Chi Omega, Pikes defeat other Greeks in Greekfest Steppin’ 2003

Published (Volume 75, No. 20)

Steppin’ 2003 was a part of the Greekfest ‘03. The show was held at the UTM Fieldhouse on Saturday. There were 10 groups that competed.

The show began with the sorority division. The ladies of Zeta Tau Alpha began the festivities.  Their theme was James Bond -
Die Another Day.

Their backdrop displayed 00-ZTA. They wore black pants with sequined blue sleeveless shirts, accented with wide rim black hats. 

During their step show, they used canes and stools as props. The ladies of ZTA were coached by Sindy Davis and Adrinenne Brent, both Zeta Phi Betas.

The second group to perform are new to the Steppin’ Show, but no less ready to perform. The sisters of Gamma Kappa Pi.

They dedicated their show to one of their sisters, Scarlett Wells, who has been called upon to join in the war against terrorist.

The girls wore black pants, white long sleeve button up shirts with black ties, all accented with neon colored bandanas.

The ladies of Chi Omega took the stage next. They began their show with pyramid style steps. They wore black pants with a hot pink ribbon curving up one leg, along with black tops accented with hot pink boa fir.

Alpha Omericon Pi began their performance by entering from the bleachers, with flashlights to show their way. They wore black suits with red sequined vest, with tails. All 12 girls showed.

After the sorority division was done, there was a brief intermission, to allow the crowd to get ready for the show that was to come.

The brothers of Alpha Tau Omega began the fraternity division. The guys’ ensemble were blue jeans, white button up shirts with sleeveless white shirts underneath, topped off with a blue bandana as their head piece.

Alpha Gamma Rho showed their steppin’ abilities with slow movements to start. They wore formal wear with green vests accented with boutonnière rosebuds.

Their show not only included the slow sexual movements and the hard core step movments, but even some “break dancing” as well. Their preformance was finished off with an 80’s Vanilla Ice song.

The men of Kappa Alpha Order began their show with a dramatic entrance. The silence, smoke and costumes set the stage for a fierce competition. Their costumes were black pants, black combat boots, red long sleeve shirts, with black t-shirts over.

Their faces were the most dramatic of all, red and black face paint, to look as if they had a mask on. During the show the KA’s placed black bags over their heads to show their true steppin’ skills.

The brothers of SigEp began their show with trash cans and a member painting graffiti art in the symbols of Sigma Epsilon Pi. 
They wore all black as they preformed.

During the height of their performance they ripped their shirts off to reveal black vest, baring their skin. 

To end the Steppin’ 2003 Show, the brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha performed. They used a backdrop with their greek symbols proudly shown.

The stepped in yellow long sleeve shirts with black pants. In their show, they used canes and trash cans to add to their performance.

The winners were announced at the end of the show. The fraternity division: first place went to Pi Kappa Alpha and second place went to Alpha Gamma Rho.

Sorority division: first place went to Chi Omega and second place to Zeta Tau Alpha.

Best of Show went to Zeta Tau Alpha. Crowd Favorites went to Pi Kappa Alpha and Zeta Tau Alpha.

The Greekfest Week had a purpose behind all the fun and festivities. All the proceeds went to the Alyssa Ray of Hope Campaign.

Alyssia is the daughter of a UTM alumni, who has autisum. The money raised will be used tor Alyssa’s therapy as she and her family fight the battle to win against autisum.

Alyssa and her parents were on hand to receive the $5000 check. This is the largest amount of money given in Greekfest history.

Alyssa’s mom fought back tears as she thanked the audience that had so gracelisy given. Alyssia graced the audience with a mini-dance performance and did say thank you. Alyssia received a standing ovation.

The true spirt of family was truly shown in efforts by all UTM family and friends. This shows that one you are a part of the family of UTM, you will always be supported, especially in time of need.

Good Luck Alyssia, UTM is behind you all the way and we know you are a future Skyhawk!

Steppin’ is an event that is part of Greekfest. Points are rewarded for participation, placement in the competition and crowd favorites.