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Career Builder touted as great job site

Published (Volume 77, No. 13)

It is almost time for some of us to stop basking in the college life and join up with the real world.

If you are graduating in December and have not yet decided to start looking for a job, you had better start right now. If you are not graduating and think that you have enough time to look for a job, we have one piece of advice for you: START RIGHT NOW!
It is never too early to start looking for a job.

Being that we both are graduating seniors, we have decided to help our peers in their efforts by reviewing three of the top job sites on the Internet. The sites that we reviewed were: careerbuilder.com, monster.com and jobs.com.
Each site could be very beneficial to someone looking for a job; however, there are certain things that make the process much easier. We found this to be most true when searching Career Builder. This site seemed to be very organized and easy to follow. We felt that you could find more of what you were actually looking for with the “junk” somewhat filtered out as opposed to other sites.

Career Builder appeared much more accurate in its search as well. We found fewer random “work from home jobs” than we did in other searches. Also, as a user you have a personalized signin that will update jobs that you are interested in as they are posted. This site also has instructions and advice on how to put together a good resume.

One thing that we found very helpful about this site is that you can even search for apartments, houses, cars and other amenities that would be necessary if transferring to a different town or city. The only negative that we found on this site is that we wish that the job categories would be more specific. Overall, though, Career Builder really gave us a clear view for what we were hunting.

Monster was helpful, but we both agree it is almost too big. It took more time getting past all of the same repetitive jobs that kept popping up than actually looking through those that interested us. The best thing about Monster is that it has a ton of jobs listed. The worst thing about Monster is that it has a ton of jobs listed. If you want to take the time to look through all the SPAM jobs you can actually find some really good entry-level jobs, but it does take a determined searcher to find exactly what you want.

Unlike Career Builder, Monster is more category specific. This site does have a few helpful resources, but not as much as some. If you are looking to work in a certain area, you find even more of the clutter. Line after line, the same job is listed. This is what we found so disturbing about this site. While having some merits, this site is really too popular. It is a victim of its own success.
Jobs.com was helpful, but we do not believe that it is as big as it needs to be for users. You are able to choose the area in which you are interested, as on the other sites, but at a minimum. It has very defined cities in which you can search. It has no resources like Career Builder and Monster, just a straight job search. And for being so small, it is not very category specific as well.

The good thing that we found about this site is that it does produce good search results, probably because it is not as widely used.

All three sites basically have the same resources and information available, but we feel that it is good to have a balancing point. Too big can be very annoying because it is almost like sorting through junk mail in your inbox. Too small is never enough. That is why Career Builder was just what we needed. Organized, accurate, and very helpful is what we found Career Builder to be. We would say it is a great place, especially for the procrastinators like us, to start looking for a job.

So with the information that you have learned do not put things off; go on and create a profile. Do not apply for every job—just the ones that you are genuinely interested in. Remember that you are at this college to prepare for your future. Take it from a couple of “old hats”—don’t let all the fun and extracurricular activities make you forget that. It is never too early to start looking for employment.

After all, the earlier you start, the more opportunities you will have.