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Canned Corn rolls into Fine Arts Gallery

Published (Volume 77, No. 6)

Credit: THERESA A. OLIVER/The Pacer

Miss Cupie is a robot-type person creatively constructed with a dog on a leash made of dog food, created by Brandi Austin.

Credit: THERESA A. OLIVER/The Pacer

Students of the Post Modern Art class have posted a delectable, delightful art exhibit in the Fine Arts Gallery titled Canned Corn that is both inspiring, imaginative and ingenious.

Exhibit pieces include varied shades of blue and purple rocks in the shape of a circle; television sets stacked artfully together, sending out a message; an anarchy game and a robot character made of plastic cups with a dog on a leash, all made from dog food, just to name a few. When observing the exhibit, it is evident that Post Modern Art students have something to say and are creatively saying it. 

“It makes you appreciate art from a different perspective,” said Kristen Griffith, a sophomore Biology major. “For someone who is not very artistic looking into the artistic world, it just gives you a different perspective, a different outlook on things. It is very innovative and unique.” 

“I think it takes someone with a creative mind to come up with this,” said Melissa Alford, a Secondary History Education sophomore. “When you look at it, it takes somebody to think out of the norm to say what the art means. The pieces are definitely extraordinary.” 

When asked what their favorite pieces were and why, Alford said, “The rocks because it takes something that we take for granted and makes something unique out of it. Also, the colors are pretty.” 

When asked the same question, Griffith said, “I like the exhibit ‘Who are we?’ It kind of symbolizes the web of life to me. You can follow a string through any one person’s life and it will look kind of like this.” 

Claudia Cole, a Criminal Justice junior, said, “I love this exhibit. It shows creativity. Everyday things we take for granted are shown here in an interesting way.”

When asked which of the exhibits were her favorite, Cole said, “Reality — the televisions — it screams truth. The things we find entertaining, the reality TV.  For instance, it mentions cancer survivors; that’s truth right there.”

Speaking of the exhibit, Cole said, “They told me it was a class thing and I think that it’s really cool. I like the string thing, too. I think it’s very creative. Also, the collage with pictures I thought was very nice. Also, Anarchy. It’s a game where everyone is the winner. And that’s what anarchy is. A true depiction of anarchy.” 

Lorrie Spencer, a Graphic Design freshman, said of the exhibit, “I think it’s cool — very unique.” When asked which her favorite is, she said, “The one I’m looking at, the collage, because I know some of the people who are in it. My brothers in it.” 

The Canned Corn exhibit is making a creative statement about the world and about life.  The exhibit is currently on display in the Find Arts Gallery.