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"...but Amy Knows Better"

A column by Assistant Sports Editor Amy Eddings

Published (Volume 76, No. 31)

The semester is finally over, thank goodness. As much as I’ll miss my chance to rant about sports, I’m welcoming the summer as much as every other student on campus.

No summer classes for me. Just work. And Joe Lofaro, if you’re reading this: I NEED SPORTS WORK.! (Oh, and thanks for all of your help this semester. There would be no sports page without you.)

Seriously, I think that working up here has made me develop a small addiction to sports writing. I’m not sure I’ll be able to function without it.

You’ll probably be able to find me sitting in my apartment, making fake newspapers just so I can get it out of my system, and then getting mad because my imaginary editor won’t let me use douche bag in my column.

Anywho, to my fellow staff members: it’s definitely been an experience up here. I came in as the new girl that no one knew her real name, but after a few weeks of getting used to everyone and everything, despite all the drama, I’ve enjoyed working with you and I’m anxious to see next semester roll around.

To the athletes I’ve covered: Keep playing. Without you, I would have no job. I would have nothing to do on Thursday nights/Saturday days during the fall. No way to get into March Madness. I’d be going through baseball uniform withdrawals and would have no farmer’s tan from watching softball on sunny afternoons. I would never get to watch the bull riders I admire so much and bust out my Dingo cowboy boots. You all make my college experience better.

To most of the coaches I’ve dealt with: thanks for your cooperation. I know I’m not the best interviewer, but I’m trying to get better at it. Just give me time..

So until next semester: keep supporting UTM Athletics.